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Welcome Electrical Workers!

There is an overwhelming demand for electrical workers with some of the nation’s largest, most prestigious employers. There are also many smaller companies with great reputations providing years of steady, reliable work.

This website enables you to apply for work with more than 300 of our residential-commercial-industrial and line locals with a single online form.

The application form lets us know you're interested, and what level of experience you have. After submitting the form, someone will contact you to explain your options based upon your level of experience. If you need more training, we can tell you how to get it. We want you to be the best electrical worker you can be!

If you’re an electrical worker employed by a non-union company, or if you want to begin or continue your path to journeyman status, the IBEW is the place for you!

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the National Electrical Contractors Association have been partners for over 100 years. Together, we have developed top-notch training programs for electrical workers. We continuously advance our training to insure we deliver the most skilled and productive electricians. 

IBEW members operate under a self-imposed code of excellence. We take pride in our work, our safety, and the ability to keep our partner contractors profitable. There is a reason why over 16,000 contractors choose IBEW labor!

If you want the best wages, best benefits, and safe working conditions, please join us on the IBEW team!